This is one of the oldest classical hanging lamps of Maroeska Metz her collection. With the glass elements and the metal leaves this lamp is both classical and modern.


The black coated metal, crystals and handmade metal leaves. With the lightbulbs there is a choice between the traditional transcendent and the new LED. For specification check out the page about lightbulbs.


A Hanging lamp,10x25 watt, Ø 60 cm, H 35 cm
B Hanging lamp,10x25 watt, Ø 80 cm, H 45 cm
C Hanging lamp,12x25 watt Ø 100 cm, H 50 cm
D Hanging lamp combination, 10x25 watt and 10 candles Ø 80 H 45 cm

E Hanging lamp combination, 12x25 watt and 12 candles Ø 100 H 55 cm

F Ceiling lamp 3x25 watt, Ø 60 cm, H 15 cm 

G Wall lamp 2x25 watt, 30x50x12 cm
H Wall lamp 3x25 watt, 48x60x20 cm
I Table lamp 3x25 watt, Ø 60 cm, H 75 cm
J Table lamp 5x25 watt , Ø 60, H 80 cm
K Candelabra for 6 candles, Ø 60, H 60 cm

59  1D Baroque hanging lamp copy.jpg