When did it start

Maroeska has been designing jewellery for over twenty years. She initially designed for herself, but later she started a commercial jewellery line.

Maroeska's motivation

Maroeska likes to wear, design and help people find the right jewellery. She loves to search for jewels that strengthens the personality. But the most important thing for her, is that the jewel sparks joy and happiness with the person.

How to find the right jewel

A jewel or any other design from Maroeska Metz is not just something. Together with the designer you will explore to find the right jewel. 'Every person has a different quality that should be emphasised by the jewel.'

Who makes it

At the moment the jewellery is made by two different goldsmiths. Maroeska’s metal furniture designes have always been hand-made by Maroeska and her husband themselves. Goldsmithing however is not something that Maroeska feel familiar enough with to produce her own designs. It is a perfectionistic very fine kind of forging. But as she has knowledge of forging of larger objects, she understands how the jewellery is made which helps her in the design process.

Giving a present

If you would like to give a jewel as a present, we ask for a small advanced payment. You will receive a giftcard with an image of the jewels and a message for the lucky to make an appointment to come to the showroom.

The production techniques

There are two production techniques that we use. Casting in moulds and 3D printing in wax.

The materials

The stones that we use are from the German supplier Idar-Oberstein.

All the jewellery is made with 18 carat gold. Every design can be made in any color gold (yellow, white and red). The prices of the gold stays the same, but the prices of the stones can vary. If you are interested in a certain stone, you can contact us for a quotation.


We also provide maintenance for your purchases from our jewellery collection. You can always come to us for refreshing and alterations.


When you buy a jewel from the existing collection that fits perfectly and you can take it home immediately we ask for a payment on the spot with pin or electronic banking. When you buy a jewel that needs to be ordered we ask for a 50% advances payment and the last 50% at the delivery.

Delivery time

We have a limited amount of jewellery in stock. That is why the delivery of the products can vary from 4 days to 4 weeks. Another important aspect is the size. A ring for example needs to fit well. Sometime it is impossible or very expensive to change the size of the ring, this is why we like to ask client to come to the showroom. 


The Netherlands

T. 0031(0)75 640 72 75

E. info@maroeska.com

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